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Spanish titles of Tom Tyler films

The Avenging Rider
While the Hollywood name Tom Tyler became internationally popular during his silent film career, he seems to have held a special position in Spain. It may be that his onscreen characters personified the ideal man in Spanish culture, beating up the bad guys, tenderness when interacting with the ladies, and upright values. As a result of this, Tom became a pop culture idol, his movies not only being routinely adapted into the Biblioteca Films booklets published by El Gato Negro in Barcelona, as well as the Los Films del Far-West published by Las Grandes Obras Modernas, also located in Barcelona. Tom Tyler was also one of the lucky Hollywood stars to have a fan fiction series of twenty-one booklets aptly titled “Aventuras de Tom Tyler El Rey de los Cow-Boys.” It is worth mentioning that a 35mm print of Tom's silent film “Phantom of the Range” (1928) is held at Instituto Valenciano de Cinematografia in Valencia, Spain.

Obviously, Tom's films released in Spain also had Spanish titles. Below is a partial list of his movies, the English title, and the Spanish title:

Silent films:

Let's Go Gallagher (1925) - Vamos, Gálager
The Wyoming Wildcat (1925) - El Gato-montés de Wyoming
The Cowboy Musketeer (1925) - El Cow-boy Mosquetero
Born to Battle (1926) - Nacido para el Combate
Wild to Go (1926) - Dispuesto a Todo
The Masquerade Bandit (1926) - El Bandido de Carnaval
The Cowboy Cop (1926) - El Vaquero Policía
Lightning Lariats (1927) - El Valiente de la Pradera/Lazos Como Rayo
The Sonora Kid (1927) - El Chico de Sonora
The Cherokee Kid (1927) - Veloz Como el Rayo
The Desert Pirate (1927) - El Pirata del Desierto
Phantom of the Range (1928) - El Fantasma del Rancho
The Texas Tornado (1928) - El Huracán de Texas
The Avenging Rider (1928) - El Culpable
Tyrant of Red Gulch (1928) - El Valle del Misterio
Trail of Horse Thieves (1929) - Los Cuatreros
Gun Law (1929) - La Ley del Revólver

Note: “Lightning Lariats” has two different titles: one from the Biblioteca Films booklet, the second one from Cine Mundial, April 1927.


The Man from Death Valley (1931) - El Honrado Salteador
Two Fisted Justice (1931) - Al Que a Hierro Mata
Galloping Thru (1931) - Deluda de Sangre

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