Wednesday, January 9, 2019

“'Neath Western Skies” 1929 Tom Tyler silent film at Flickr

It appears that yet again another lost Tom Tyler film – at least a segment of one – has popped up, this time, at the Library of Congress.

Fourteen frames of “'Neath Western Skies” (1929) have initially been posted at Nitrate Film Interest Group as an unidentified film snippet on December 12, 1018. These frames came from a digitized file, made from a 35mm nitrate print at the Library of Congress. This film print snippet lasts just under two minutes. That this film print was digitized is amazing, and tinted at that, in a rich brown color, perfectly suitable for a late 1920's western. Of the 14 frames at Flickr, Tom appears in only two of them, but they are well worth viewing: 

'Neath Western Skies 1929

'Neath Western Skies 1929

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