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Icelandic titles of Tom Tyler films

From Visir, Reykjavik, June 5, 1932
As with other European nations, Iceland was included  on the list inventoried by FBO to show Tom Tyler films in the mid- to late 1920's. Iceland proved to be very receptive to the established star of westerns produced by FBO, then later on, a handful of Monogram films, and of course “Stagecoach” (1939). In one cinema listing in the newspaper Alþýðublaðið (May 25, 1928), Tom is described as “one of the most famous and handsome cowboy actors”. In some cases, some of Tom's silent films were released under their own American title without translation: “The Sonora Kid”, and  “The Cowboy Musketeer”. The Iceland newspapers in which Tom Tyler’s cinema listings appeared in are: AlþýðublaðiðNorðlingur, Morgunblaðið, Vísir, Neisti, and Lögberg. With thanks to Tí, here is a small list of Tom Tyler movies shown in Iceland between 1926 and 1941:

From Einherji, October 8, 1936

Silent films:

Æringinn – Born to Battle 1926

Hefndar riddarinn – Cyclone of the Range 1927

Án dóms og laga – When the Law Rides 1928

Riddarinn fífldjarfi – Gun Law 1929

Í ræningjaklóm - Idaho Red 1929

Í vargaklóm – The Pride of Pawnee 1929


Maðurinn frá Dauðadalnum - The Man from Death Valley 1931

Í dal dauðans – Galloping Thru 1931

Póstvagninn – Stagecoach 1939

Captain Marvel – Adventures of Captain Marvel 1941

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