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Brazilian Portuguese titles of Tom Tyler films

Cinearte April 4, 1928
As with Spain and Hungary, Brazil has a fond spot for Tom Tyler in its film history and his association with the American west. Not to mention the idealized hero that Tom was so well known for portraying on screen. Special attention is given to Captain Marvel and The Phantom, the two superheroes Tom played in film serials, given the popularity of American comic book culture in Brazil. For example, an article on The Phantom as a superhero appeared in O Estado de São Paulo, July 18, 1996 and another full page article on the DVD release of the film serial appeared in O Estado de São Paulo, July 31, 2004. Another article on Captain Marvel appeared in O Estado de São Paulo, June 23, 2001. So while Brazil may seem far away, it is in fact very close to home when it comes to American film and popular culture icons like Tom Tyler. The publication Cinearte is one of Brazil’s most popular film magazines, and is well known for publishing photos of the stars which are not often seen in United States publications – a few examples are included with this article. Some of Tom's silent films were shown well into the 1930's in Brazil, such as “The Avenging Rider” and “Pioneers of the West”. It remains unknown if any of these silent films exist in Brazil, if they do, they may be in the hands of a private collector. With thanks to Adorocinema and Biblioteca Nacional Digital Brasil, here is a list of Tom Tyler films in Brazilian Portuguese:

Cinearte, June 6, 1928. Flying U Ranch.

Silent films:

The Cherokee Kid (1927) – Odio de muitos annos

The Texas Tornado (1928) – Astucia contra a lei

The Avenging Rider (1928) – Cavalheiro da vingança

The Man from Nevada (1928) – O gigante da floresta

Tyrant of Red Gulch (1928) – O tyranno da sierra madre

Pioneers of the West (1929) – Desafiando a morte/Gente do oeste

The Pride of Pawnee (1929) – O Braço Protector

The Law of the Plains (1929) – A coruja negra

'Neath Western Skies (1929) – Ce'o de fogo

The Call of the Desert (1930) – Deserto Sangrento

Canyon of Missing Men (1930) – A emboscada vermelha


Partners of the Trail (1931) – O caminho da violencia

Fighting Hero (1934) – Amor e dever

Terror of the Plains (1934) – O terror das planicies

Mystery Ranch (1934) – Estancia dos mysterios

Tracy Rides (1935) – O cavalleiro da lei

The Silver Bullet (1935) – A bala de prata

Powdersmoke Range (1935) – Duelo de valentes

Unconquered Bandit (1935) – Bandido invencivel

Ridin' On (1936) – Tiroteio infernal

The Phantom of the Range (1936) – Thesouro occulto

Cheyenne Rides Again (1937) – Pontaria fatal

King of Alcatraz (1938) –  O tyranno de Alcatraz

Stagecoach (1939) – No tempo das diligencias

The Night Riders (1939) – Os três camaradas

Brother Orchid (1940) – Irmão orchidea

The Mummy’s Hand (1940) – A mão de múmia

Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941) – O invencível Capitão Marvel

Talk of the Town (1942) – E a vida continua

The Phantom (1943) – O Fantasma

San Antonio (1945) – Cidade sem lei

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) – Legião Invencível

I Shot Jesse James (1949) – Eu matei Jesse James

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