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Hungarian titles of Tom Tyler movies

Stagecoach 1939
Now we travel to Hungary to discover how popular Tom Tyler’s movies were in this country, keeping in mind that during the height of his career, Hungary was a kingdom. Royalty aside, there was still plenty of wide open space in the southern part of the country where boys learned to ride horseback sometimes before they learned to walk. That Hungarians are masters of horseback riding seems to be a given, what with their proud heritage when they traveled in that manner from east of the Ural mountain range down to the Carpathian basin and settled in the territory known as Hungary. In Hungarian, the word pustza means steppe, or a plain, and there were many plains which the Hungarian ancestors rode upon. There is even a folk song about cowboys in Hungary:

On the pustza I was born,
On the pustza I dwell,

I have no roof above my head.
But I have a horse that can jump fences,
And I am a cowboy of the plains.

Without saddle I can ride,
And my way leads where we choose,
I need no reins to guide my steed,
For I am a cowboy of the plains.

On the pustza I was born,
On the pustza I dwell.

Delmagyarorszag, April 22, 1948
With this natural love of cowboys it seems inevitable the Hungarians would have a special affinity for American western films and of course Tom Tyler. A number of the film titles listed below are from Délmagyarország, published in Szeged, Hungary. One rather amusing literal movie title translation for “Texas Tornado” (1928), or “Texas sárkány”, is “Texas Dragon”. Some of the cinema ads advertised two Tom Tyler films playing back to back, a rarity in European cinema. With thanks to Hungaricana and, here are some Hungarian titles of Tom Tyler films:

Silent films:

The Texas Tornado (1928) – Texasi sárkány
The Law of the Plains (1928) – Küzdelem az igazságért
Trail of the Horse Thieves (1929) –  Fekete keselyü


A Rider of the Plains (1931) – A préri réme
Two Fisted Justice (1931) –  A félelmetes lovas
Jungle Mystery (1932) –  Zungu
The Phantom of the Range (1936) –  Az ördög árok kincse
The Feud of the Trail (1937)  –  A nagy szikla titka
Stagecoach (1939) –  Hatosfogat

The Westerner (1940) –  Ember a láthatáron
The Mummys Hand (1941) – A Mumia Bosszúja
Talk of the Town (1942)  –  A csintalan úriember
Red River (1948)  – Vörös folyó
Blood on the Moon (1948) – Véres hold
The Younger Brothers (1949)  –  A fiatalabb fivérek
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) – Sárga szalagot viselt

The Mummy's Hand 1941

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