Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tom Tyler and Jeanne Martel: their wedding day

Tom Tyler was married for about five years to actress Jeanne Martel, who was also a B-film star. Although she was twelve years younger than Tom, the age difference did not keep them from getting to know one another and eventually marrying. At the age of 33, Tom probably felt it was time for him to settle down, despite the fact he did not lead a “swinging bachelor” lifestyle. In fact, his only other publicly known love interest was in Ethlyn Clair, who starred with Tom in “Gun Law” and “The Pride of Pawnee”, both in 1929. Yet nothing came of that relationship, so far as we know, which meant that Tom simply did not yet find the right woman for him.

Tom met his wife-to-be on the set of “Santa Fe Bound” in 1936. The newly met couple spent the usual amount of time getting to know each other, including time spent with their families, and married on September 3, 1937. Tom and Jean made two more movies together, “Lost Ranch” and “Orphan of the Pecos”, both in 1937 before they signed up to perform with the Wallace Brothers Circus for a year. In the 1930's, spending one's honeymoon while circus touring must have been uniquely romantic, not to mention the hard work involved with touring by train. Eventually, however, Tom and Jeanne divorced sometime around 1945. Below are photos of Tom getting into an airplane on the way to the wedding, plus an actual wedding day photo. He certainly looks handsome in a tuxedo, and Jean looks lovely in her bridal dress. It goes without saying they were one of the best looking couples in Hollywood in the 1930's.

From The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA, August 29, 1937
From The Los Angeles Times, CA, September 4, 1937

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