Friday, May 12, 2017

Tom Tyler: Silent Films Unmade

Tom Tyler was one of the luckier silent film actors in that his filmography from the 1920's is considered to be complete. What is not mentioned is that his studio, FBO, also had a number of film titles lined up for him yet for some reason never materialized. Perhaps permission for the stories to be made into films could not be secured in time for them to be filmed. Or there could have been any number of reasons they were not made, although the unmade film titles sound intriguing enough, especially ones like “Jerry Settles Down”, “Cow Punching for Cupid”, and “The Eagle's Talons.” Following is a partial list of the unmade silent films that Tom Tyler was assigned to star in for FBO, and the sources where these films are mentioned:

Motion Picture News, November 21, 1925
“Up and At 'Em”

Motion Picture News, November 6, 1926
“Ridin' 'Em Ragged”
“Galloping Thunder”
“The Kid's Last Fight”
“Cow Punching for Cupid”
“Jerry Settles Down”

Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World for January 28, 1928
“The Gambler's Game”

Motion Picture News, September 29, 1928
“The Battling Buckaroo”

Motion Picture News, January 12, 1929
“The Eagle's Talons”

All together, these count as nine silent film titles. It is possible there were more, should more come across they will be added to another blog post.  

From Motion Picture News, November 21, 1925

From Moving Picture World, November 21, 1925

From The Film Daily, August 20, 1926

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